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EcoPrO3 Aqueous Ozone Family

These state-of-the-art non-thermal, aqueous ozone antimicrobial treatment systems are designed for surface sanitation of products and equipment. The system capacities range from 20 to 150 gallons per minute of aqueous ozone solution (ozone dissolved in water).  All systems include remote monitoring, data logging, and system notifications.  FDA, USDA, USDA Organic Program and EPA approved, EcoPrO3 aqueous ozone systems provide a vastly more effective, sustainable, and environmentally-friendly alternative to traditional chemical sanitation, for a Better Planet.

EcoPrO3 Aqueous Ozone Systems are superior to traditional ozone offerings. This is because their uniquely engineered design provides consistently stable and efficient dissolved ozone levels from the point-of-generation to the point-of-use.  The system’s atmospheric balance tank has a dedicated ozone injection pump to introduce and maintain dissolved ozone levels to the user-defined dissolved-ozone setpoint.  Any undissolved ozone gas is controlled, vented and immediately destroyed. The process transfer pump automatically flows the ozonated water from the atmospheric balance tank through the closed-loop header piping to each application point.  Automatic controls ensure that the user can set the exact pressure they desire to each application area.  The user can have as many or as few applications operating at any given time, and the system will maintain consistent water flow and pressure.  This system design controls ozone off-gas at all points-of-use while maintaining consistent dissolved ozone level throughout the entire closed-loop header system.

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EPA Estab. No. 94340-CA-1

EcoPro3-150S front-side.jpg
EcoPrO3-50S side 1.jpg


150 GPM Aqueous Ozone System


75 GPM Aqueous Ozone System

EcoPrO3-20S & 50S

20 & 50 GPM Aqueous Ozone Systems

EcoPrO3 Gaseous Ozone Family

EcoPrO3 Gaseous Ozone Treatment Systems are designed for extremely accurate setpoint gaseous ozone treatment of products and surfaces for mold and bacteria control. The systems produce ozone gas at a rate of 10 to 150 grams/ hour. They have an integrated UV absorption technology ozone concentration monitor with sample pump for setpoint control of ozone concentration in the space being treated.  FDA, USDA, and USDA Organic Program and EPA approved, the EcoPrO3 gaseous ozone systems provide a more effective, sustainable, and environmentally friendly alternative to traditional chemical sanitation, for a better product with increased yield and a safer facility.

EcoPrO3-150G wide.jpg
EcoPrO3-10G wide.jpg


150 gr/hr Gaseous Ozone System

EcoPrO3-10G - 50G

10 - 50 gr/hr Gaseous Ozone Systems

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