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Providing Sustainable Ozone Solutions ... for a BETTER PRODUCT, SAFER FACILITY,




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Ozone Science and Application Experts

Advanced Ozone Integration (AOI) was founded by a group of Ozone System Engineers and Microbial Safety Experts to provide state-of-the-art ozone sanitation systems for Food, Beverage, Pharmaceutical and Industrial processors.

AOI’s turnkey ozone systems provide clients with safe, sustainable, and efficacious sanitation solutions that mitigate the use of sanitation chemicals and thermal processes, with ozone’s non-thermal, no-residual microbial protection for products and contact/non-contact process surfaces throughout the facility.

The long-term use of these ozone solutions has been approved and embraced by the FDA, USDA, USDA Organic and EPA for decades, fully promotes current sustainable practices, as well as emerging practices for future decades, exceeding current and future sustainability requirements.

In addition, the use of these ozone technologies provides far greater efficacy for direct contact of human consumables and all surfaces (surface sanitation and CIP/SIP), while leaving zero harmful residues.

Advanced Ozone Integration's core team possesses a combined experience-base of over 150 years in ozone science, ozone application engineering, and manufacturing.  AOI is the first company to specialize in science-based ozone application integration.  By selecting only the highest quality, most reliable ozone generation technologies and systems, designed and integrated specifically for the customer's application, Advanced Ozone Integration provides a true, sustainable ozone technology solution...for a Better Planet!

Superior Sanitation at the Touch of Your Finger:

  • Reduce Chemical Usage

  • Improve Product Safety & Quality

  • Improve Facility Safety

  • Increase Run Times

  • Improve Wastewater Chemistry

  • Improve Carbon Footprint

Replace with

  • EFFICACY:  Ozone is more powerful

  • SAFETY:  Ozone leaves no residual, is pH neutral, and is oxygen-based

  • ENVIRONMENT:  Ozone is more pleasant for workers

  • COST:  Ozone is less expensive




treat environmental listeria

  • Ozone in aqueous and gaseous forms is lethal to Listeria

  • Ozone can be used to target hard-to-reach areas such as drains, refrigeration drip pans, freezer tunnels, racking, etc.

  • Ozone provides routine, automatic treatment of environmental Listeria in entire facilities.

Mike Van Gundy

“Pacific Coast Producers has utilized ozone as a primary sanitizer for over 10 years.  We were having reliability and performance issues with our previous ozone vendor.  Advanced Ozone Integration offered us a better approach for our ozone application that has proven more economical and reliable.  Their customer service has been exceptional."

John Clayton

"I have worked with AOI for three years now and we rely on them for our ozone treatment and sanitary processes. They provide a very high level of customer service and are great to deal with remotely or in person. The AOI equipment is very efficient and effective which has really improved the overall operations of our business. I would highly recommend them for your ozone needs."

James "Ty" Tavlan

"At Moonlight Companies, ozone is a critical component of our product sanitation process prior to our fruit packing.  We rely on Advanced Ozone Integration for our ozone needs.  Their system performance and company support has been exceptional. I highly recommend them."

Tom Webber

"The team at Advanced Ozone Integration did an exceptional job in delivering this innovative sanitizing solution to our RTE operation. From project approval, through full operational commissioning, they worked to assure a smooth and successful start-up.  We utilize ozone as an effective alternative to chemicals, all while providing a meaningful, positive impact on the environment. Buddy’s Kitchen will continue to leverage our ozone capabilities across future cleaning and product applications."

Our Clients

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