Advanced Ozone Integration

Advanced Ozone Integration’s true focus is based on ozone technology integration, teaming with our customers through the entire process of technology demonstration, efficacy and validation, pilot system design, and finally, full system integration. Advanced Ozone Integration utilizes Six Sigma practices, ensuring meaningful and conclusive results. Throughout the process, the appropriate plant employees are educated and trained via our proprietary “Train-the-Trainer” methodology to make the application and operation of the system seamless. The Train-the-Trainer system is based on the following principles:

  • AOI conducts an in-depth training program with relevant personnel on all related operational and maintenance aspects of the EcoPrO3™ system.
  • The initial training is normally conducted, if feasible, at the AOI manufacturing facility prior to the shipping of the system and as part of the acceptance procedure of the system.
  • Relevant personnel (i.e. system operators, maintenance, and supervisors) are trained through our unique and effective training program.
  • Once successfully trained on the system, the trained personnel are trained to train others utilizing our unique and effective trainer program.
  • Upon successful completion of the “Train-the-Trainer” program, the participants will be awarded an accredited recognition from AOI.
  • AOI’s ensure that the “Train-the-Trainer” program will allow customers to use our training program across their entire operation and facilities.