Advanced Ozone Integration

Ambrose Fillis

President & CEO

Ambrose Fillis was educated in Mechanical & Structural Engineering Design obtained through a co-op engineering program with De Beers Consolidated Mines (through the University of Witwatersrand in South Africa).  He also obtained a Manufacturing Technology diploma at Humber College, Ontario, Canada. Ambrose worked in the food manufacturing industry in North America for 23 years enjoying various positions ranging from plant engineering, production management, quality assurance management, director of operations, VP of engineering & manufacturing, among others, for some of the largest food manufacturing companies in North America and the world (e.g. Kraft/Nabisco, Unilever, George Weston Group, Maple Leaf Foods, major dairy operations now owned by Parmalat, Nestle, Natrel, etc.). For the past 12 year years Ambrose has developed and implemented new and novel applications for ozone technology within the food and beverage industry.

Matt Lowe

Chief Commercial Officer

Matt Lowe has a B.S. degree from the University of California, San Diego in biochemistry with a focus in microbiology. Matt has over 19 years of experience in the ozone industry in application research & development, product development, system integration and service, in multiple segments of the food and beverage industries. Matt was instrumental in developing the use of ozone in produce cold storage and application of ozone directly on pome fruit on packing lines as a replacement for caustic and expensive chemical sanitizers. Matt helped develop current best practices for aqueous ozone system design to safely and effectively produce and distribute high concentrations of ozone to multiple applications. Matt has worked for two leading ozone system manufacturers in business development, marketing, and system integration roles. Matt was actively involved in early government regulatory agencies including FDA, USDA, EPA, and NSF to broaden the approvals of ozone for hard surface and direct product antimicrobial treatment.

Dave Rye

Vice President

Dave Rye has spent the past 30 years working extensively across both sales and operational leadership roles within the food manufacturing industry. For 25 of those years Dave worked with Cargill Inc. and was instrumental in growing global customers business across the egg, poultry, and value-added meat spaces (e.g. McDonald’s, KFC, and General Mills). Dave has an extensive background in plant operations, and while at Cargill led teams that were recognized with two Malcolm Baldrige National Quality Awards. It was during that time that Dave gained his deep appreciation for both strong food safety practices and environmental sustainability. He was introduced to ozone in 2016, and quickly recognized the “game changing”alternative that it provided to traditional chemical cleaning. Along with Ambrose Fillis, Dave has been a strong proponent in providing customers with a more integrated and centralized approach in the use of ozone.

Beth Hamil

Scientific Advisor

Beth Hamil has over 34 years of professional experience in ozone system development, ozone applications, ozone consulting (including applications engineering), and project management, spanning a comprehensive range of commercial industries including, aquatics, food safety applications (commercial and food service), wineries, pharmaceutical and industrial uses. She is highly experienced and very adept with regulatory compliance responsibilities for the use of ozone, while staying up-to-date with emerging governmental compliance developments. Her ongoing focus continues to be developing parameters for ozone efficacy and worker/environmental safety for a broad range of applications. Beth was an early pioneer in efficacy validations of ozone use in the food industry in both academic and government/regulatory arenas.

Cindy Slezak

Scientific Advisor

Cindy Slezak has a degree in chemical engineering from the University of Akron. She has 33 years of experience in the industrial application of ozone including ozone system design, ozone generator design (U.S. Patent 4,877,588) and ozone generator performance testing. She has experience in the application of ozone across numerous industrial sectors including municipal drinking water, industrial waste water, pharmaceutical, food storage, aerospace and semiconductor processes. Cindy has worked with numerous ozone generator and peripheral equipment suppliers in her role to provide engineered solutions to customer requirements. Cindy also has extensive experience in the measurement of both gas and liquid phase ozone for process control, ozone system optimization and occupational safety.