Advanced Ozone Integration

Treat Odors • Mold Remediation • Microbial Treatment • Decontamination

Advanced Ozone Integration’s service division provides industrial, commercial, and residential customers with the benefits of ozone technology through the convenience of a service model. Advanced Ozone Integration’s service focus is on the expert application and integration of its proprietary EcoPrO3™ ozone technologies to antimicrobially treat bacteria and mold in businesses and homes. In addition to making our community safer, our systems also give production facilities worldwide an opportunity to provide a more environmentally friendly approach to how they clean.

Services include contract cleaning/sanitizing, mold remediation, and order remediation to the following markets:

  • Industrial – Food Processing, Wineries, Breweries, Dairy, Fish Processing
  • Commercial – Food Service, Food Processing, Fitness Facilities, Zoos & Live Animal Habitats
  • Residential – Specializing in residential mold remediation

Introducing the Advanced Ozone Integration Treatment System


Gaseous / Aqueous / High and Low Pressure


  • Complete Sanitary Design / Stainless Steel
  • Fully Controlled Operator Interface / Touch Screen
  • PLC and PC Driven for Added Flexibility
  • High Capacity / Expandable
  • Patented Recharge Design
  • Built-in Ozone Destruct Unit
  • Recharge / Recirculation Tank
  • Skid / Mobile / Wall Mount Design

All EcoPrO3 systems are engineered to meet each customer’s specific application needs.


System ControlPLC with Touchscreen HMI
Aqueous Ozone Outputup to 10.0 PPM
Aqueous Ozone FlowUp to 450 GPM
Gaseous Ozone OutputUp to 10.0 PPM
Ozone Injection PumpIncluded
Process Supply PumpIncluded
Pressure Cleaning PumpIncluded/Optional
Cooling MethodAir Cooled
Aqueous Ozone MonitorIncluded (Dissolved Ozone)
Gaseous Ozone MonitorIncluded (Process & Ambient)
Makeup Water RequirementUp to 450 GPM @ 40 PSI
Makeup Water QualityPortable, Sediment & Carbon Filtered, Temperature ≤75F
Power RequirementsVaries by System
Enclosure RatingNEMA-3R
Materials316 Stainless/Sanitary
DimensionsVaries by System
WeightVaries by System