Advanced Ozone Integration

While Advanced Ozone Integration is a new company by name, it’s ownership is linked to ACTS Technologies, Inc., which was initially founded in 1998 as a company providing consulting and engineering services primarily to the food & beverage manufacturing industries. Services provided included project management, advanced manufacturing, equipment procurement and implementation, quality assurance improvement, plant upgrades, etc. Founder and President, Ambrose Fillis, worked in the food manufacturing industry for over 23 years in positions ranging from Plant Engineering, Production Management, Quality Assurance Management, Director of Operations, VP of Engineering & Manufacturing, among others, for some of the largest food manufacturing companies in North America and the world, including Kraft/Nabisco, Unilever, George Weston Group, Maple Leaf Foods, and major dairy operations now owned by Parmalat, Nestle, and Natrel.

Today, Advanced Ozone Integration’s ownership group possesses a combined experience base of over 95 years in ozone science, ozone application engineering, and food manufacturing. Advanced Ozone Integration is the first company to specialize solely in science-based ozone application integration for the food, beverage, and pharmaceutical industries. By selecting only the highest quality, most reliable ozone generation technology and systems, designed and integrated specifically for the customer’s application, Advanced Ozone Integration provides a true ozone technology solution.

As opposed to simply renting “trial” systems and leaving the client to educate themselves, Advanced Ozone Integration takes on a true integrator role, teaming with the client through the entire process of technology demonstration, efficacy validation, pilot system design, and finally full system integration. Advanced Ozone Integration utilizes Six Sigma practices, ensuring meaningful and conclusive results data. Throughout the process, the appropriate plant employees are educated and trained via a “train-the-trainer” methodology to make the application and operation of the system seamless from the time of commissioning.

Advanced Ozone Integration’s sole focus is the expert application and integration of its proprietary EcoPrO3™ ozone technology platform. Through proper integration, the EcoPrO3™ systems clean and sanitize food and food contact surfaces, thereby improving facility and product safety. The greatest benefit is giving users worldwide the opportunity to provide a more positive contribution to an already threatened environment by replacing the harmful and carcinogenic chemicals currently being used in the industry.